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At High Impact, our goal is to provide you with the services you need to make your car what you want it to be. We will discuss your ideas and concepts with you and come up with a concept that is practical to build and meets your desired needs. When it comes to our services, we can do most any thing automobile related, so don’t hesitate to contact us even if you are unsure if we can perform the services you require.

General Maintenance

Do you really want to take your ‘fun’ car to a trusted expert, then your daily-driven car to a second-rate mechanic? Why not have all the work done in the same place. Our technicians can help you to get your car running tip-top and stand by their work. We have advanced diagnostic tools and continuously invest in knowledge to make repairing cars part of our life. We do almost any service you can imagine, and if you aren’t sure if we can do it, pick up the phone, call and usually we will answer that we can.

Air Conditioning (A/C) Service

If you live in Vegas you depend on Air Conditioning. So, if you depend on it so much, why are you going to fiddle with somebody who doesn’t have the correct equipment to make your car blow cold? Good question, because most people in Las Vegas seem to be running around with the windows down when they could be coming in to us and letting our trained technicians fix their car A/C. If A/C is a problem in your car, call us and let us fix your A/C.

Performance Upgrades

There are many ways to make your car better and perform top-notch. We have experience installing many different aftermarket products that are designed to improve performance. We also have experience with products that do not help out, so please contact us before you buy, so we can help you get the most for what you spend.

If what you are looking to do is not something that is sold as a kit or bolt-on, we may be able to fabricate such parts to get you what you are looking for. In certain circumstances it is impractical to build certain parts from scratch, but we know ways to help you get what you desire with parts that are similar and may be modified to achieve the best results.

Engine Replacements

If your current engine is toast and cannot be repaired, we can replace your engine. We have sucessfully accomplished many different engine replacements and pride ourselves on the quality we put into each engine replacement. We also take pride in helping you to choose the best possible combination for your particular application.

In cases where you have a good engine as a base, but need work done to that motor to support your future plans, we can help you to select the parts and can send the machine work to our trusted machinist for machining and quality assembly.

Suspension and Brake Upgrades

One of the best things you can do to your car is to make it handle better. Think of us when you look to make your car handle better. We use trusted brands such as Eibach, Cusco, Tokico, Bilstein, Energy Suspension and others. We always take pride in assembly and can help you choose parts that will complement your ride.

Additionally, brakes are often overlooked as a performance modification. We use quality brands and take time to research the proper parts that would be a complimentary upgrade to your ride

Other Services

We also cater to dealers and fleet companies who need a dependable shop. We offer special rates to those who qualify, so feel free to inquire.

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